Major Hospitality and Tourism Developments Planned for Truro Power Centre

Two hospitality projects with a combined value of more than $30 million are in the advanced planning stages for the Truro Power Centre Millbrook Mi’kmaq First Nation Chief Lawrence Paul and Glenn Squires, CEO of Pacrim Hospitality Services Inc. (PHSI) announced today.

The two, partners in both projects, said planning for a new concept restaurant/retail facility and a major destination attraction—an indoor water park and hotel—at the Truro site are “well-advanced and will be signature additions to the provincial hospitality industry.”

A 30,000 square foot indoor water park—Splash! Universe—and adjacent new 100-room hotel with amenities will take 18 months to develop “but will be worth the wait,” Chief Paul and Mr. Squires said. “This project is unique in eastern Canada” and will be a year-round attraction and destination resort that offers Atlantic Canadians and visitors a new motivation to travel within the region. “Throughout the US and in locations in Canada indoor water parks are family favourites and we have partnered with the expertise of U.S.-based Splash! Universe to plan the project,” Mr. Squires said.  Ground breaking is expected late this year with opening in the spring of 2012.

The 150 seat Atlantic Canada-themed restaurant will be located in an existing building at the Truro Power Centre and will be the flagship project for what is anticipated to be a number of restaurant and gift shops throughout the region. “We are confident that this project, featuring Atlantic Canada cuisine combined with retail opportunities heavily featuring local products and artifacts will appeal to the tastes of both residents and visitors to the area,” Glenn Squires said. Work on the restaurant project will begin in the March 2010 with the opening in June.

“Pacrim Hospitality is proud to partner with Millbrook First Nation on these projects,” Mr. Squires said. “We developed with Millbrook and have operated a successful Super 8 hotel at the Truro Power Centre Site for almost a decade,” he said. “We are excited to be embarking on two new and ground-breaking efforts.”